Body Stories 19/10 – 9/11/2013

An installation at Huddersfield Art Gallery by Gerry Turvey with artists Roger Bygott and June Gersten Roberts and music by Daniel Weaver.

Installation open from Oct 19 to Nov 9th 2013 with performances on Fri Nov 8th @ 6pm. Sat Nov 9th @ 2pm FREE

The final part of Bodystories was a residency at Huddersfield Art Gallery from. A collaboration with visual artist Roger Bygott, film maker June Gersten, with choreographic direction from Vanessa Grasse, juxtaposing dance, visual art, and film. Daniel composed an evolving sound score with ever changing relation to the imagery. For the performances a version of the installation sound was programed to follow the timline of the action whilst still adding new juxtapositions at each showing.

“The film projections and soundscape brought another depth to the performance. I think the sounds felt carefully placed with imagery and movement together. Not too overbearing, nicely subtle and yet helped build atmosphere.” audience feedback

body stories

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