e x p e r i m e n t a l _ m u s i c

including unplugboy and spannerman

Experimentation is at the heart of my approach. Investigation and discovery.

Whether performing improvisations, composing or collaborating, I like to find new ways of producing sound, to investigate physical materials or try new processes and combinations that will excite and inspire. I love melody and rhythm too, but I always like to ask “what happens if…”

In 30 years of performing as an improviser and collaborator I have travelled internationally, performing solo and with other performers. As well as traditional instruments (Cello, Guitar, Double Bass,…) I will use computers, recording devices, found objects and home-made instruments (toys, gadjets, Spannerphone…) to improvise and compose. (See end of page for brief CV of my experimental Music work.) Hear some edited versions here or listen/buy at danielweaver.bandcamp.com


Below is a piece which puts a child’s cello through audio mulch software – to capture and transform in real-time; including sampling, granulating and feedback loops. Some extreme effects!


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Brief CV

Specialising in; live electronics, guitar, interactive programming and improvisation.

Some groups

STOCKHAUSEN AND WALKMAN: manchester sampling combo .

B&Q / AUTO CONVERSION ; a live performance piece involving construction work , unique artefacts and live music . With MILDMAN JAN.

SWARF and SQIF : two groups concerned with rythmic improvisation . Line-ups have included : David “Stickman” Higgins, Andy Diagram, Tony Buck, Andy Ex, Kai Wolff and Jason Khan.

SENSIBLE SKIN: a quiet group with Tony Buck – Samples and Joe Williamson – Double Bass .

LIAR : electronic improvising group with Kaffe Matthews – Midi violin, Tony Buck – Ultrasound sampler controller and drums.

RHO – composition/improvisation group with Andrea Neumann – Innen Klavier, Sabine Erklenz – Trumpet, Margrit Reiben – Drums & Electronics.

some releases -

Giving Up — CD & Cass., Hairballs — CD, Stop — CD, Venetian Deer –CD/CDrom & 10″vinyl, Buy Me Sue Me — 7″ vinyl. Anonymous Bash with Charles Hayward.


some performances

Tel Aviv White Nights Festival.

Festival of Exiles , Berlin ’99

Taktlos Festival , Zurich & Basel ’97 & ’99

Belfast Dance Week ’99

Edinboro Millenium Street Festivities .

Salford New year’s eve festivities .

: aLECTRO_eCOUSTIC2002-2007 – fortnightly events of mixed media performances I organised in Manchester. Included planning, producing and fundraising for mini festivals, concept, grant applications, hire, bookings, budgeting, program notes, copy, etc.  mentoring and assistance for emerging artists alongside more experienced and veterans.