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My work includes original music making in various contexts such as:

Theatre and contemporary dance

Sound installations and performances

Teaching and creative education projects

Creative, therapeutic workshops

Making instruments from found and recycled objects

Music – For information about my compositions and collaborations in theatre, dance, installations, sound effects, solo concerts and cabarets, look through the music pages and use menus to help you find what you want. You can find music to listen or buy by following the Bandcamp links or by contacting me for CDs, CDrs etc.

Examples of teaching projects and some words about how I approach different kinds of teaching and workshops can be found on the Education page. The news pages also have examples and images.

My instrument making Daniel weaver gong1currently airs under the spannerman  moniker  (see page or Bandcamp links below).  I have always made instruments in search of new sounds and  I try to use only found and recycled materials in an effort to reduce waste and encourage resourcefulness. Some end up in recordings, adding to the varied textures or they may become feature pieces. Spannerman is an outdoor incarnation, complete with illuminated instruments and costume. (Available for festival, carnivals and concerts).

I have also made electronic instruments and programmed software patches for specific purposes such as installations,  interactivity or performance work.

Creative therapeutic workshops - building upon my experience and training to develop workshops and courses for various clients or groups.   This has been an area of interest for 20 years and includes working in dance, performance and music -  includes working in special schools, care and community settings and making work with learning disabled adults in a professional context – most notably with Corali Dance Company. I also run occasional sessions from my home in Yorkshire.

To strengthen this work I am training in Psychotherapy and developing an approach which utilises the creative spirit in all of us. See examples in the workshops pages or contact me for information. Bespoke projects can be arranged to suit you needs or requirements.