s c h o o l s

When working in schools I have tried to meet the needs of students and staff. I appreciate that staff are creative and have many skills and resources that the artists don’t have.

I have worked as co-ordinator, seeing projects through from idea to delivery to evaluation completion. Keeping an eye on the needs of many partys.

Whilst sound and music are my main areas of expertise, including music for computers and ensemble work, I also use movement and drama to encourage a full engagement and broad understanding of creative work. Discussions can be very useful in bringing students into the work and assessing need and engagement. Group work is also an important part of my approach, as it incorporates central skills of healthy society.

I have delivered workshops in Music, Recording/Editing/Sequencing, Music from found objects, Improvisation, Movement, Body Awareness, Soundtracks, Sound Effects,…

Recent work in Special Needs primary level using sound as a developmental tool and exploring non-verbal communication.



list of schools projects with short descriptions

video from a school project ” a bug’s life”

upcoming workshops

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