f u n c t i o n a l _ m u s i c

for dance, theatre, animation or installation

I have made music for professional dance and theatre shows for nearly 30 years.

Special mention for Daniel Weaver’s amazing sound design, which would even alone be worth the ticket price.

Resonance Tour. THE IRISH TIMES Thursday, September 15, 2005

I like to work in an “embedded” way with collaborators. If possible, to be part of the team that designs the piece. For that I need to see from the various viewpoints to find the right sounds, textures, references and to find the right place for the music onstage (or offstage if preferred). I often work on site, testing links and editing sections until I feel the sounds are connected, fit well and can inhabit the stage.

Below are some examples

Falling Up was made to fit an aerial dance piece by Lindsay Butcher. The extra musicians are Steve Chadwick and Howard Jacobs who I processed via self-programmed, interactive patches to manipulate and radically transform their sounds in real time.

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Hear some short edits here or go to danieweaver.bandcamp.com