improvised music

From early days, exploring the insides of electronic gadjets, making sound sculptures and appropriating everyday sounds my approach has been largely improvised. Even though I made a living primarily as a composer I mostly collage improvisations and found/stolen sounds. Working with other musicians involves description, structures and playfiul guides, rather than musical notation.

I frequently switched instruments to escape the familiar and explore the uncertain; moving from Guitar, to Double Bass, to Cello, to Computer and back through the list. Sometimes the instrument serves a subservient role to the generative power of electronic devices.

While listening to international sounds and Classic Jazz (esp Ornette/ArtEnsemble/GoldenPalominos) I have always sounded more like a player in the European improvising style and have played with many noteable musicians from that world. Meanwhile my electronic interests made me popular with dancers and theatre makers.

Today I perform mostly on acoustic unamplified Bass, referencing the trance sounds of northern sahara in cahoots with the extended techniques familiar to most improvising string players.

I tend not to record improvised performances as I think of it as a performance medium. Concert recordings can be great, but I put my energy elsewhere. I also don’t release or post much of my theatre compositions as they tend to be made to sit alongside, rather than on their own.

Audio examples on this site and my bandcamp Music | daniel weaver (

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