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A new post on an old event = a new Charles Hayward album recorded at Islington Mill as part of a Samarbetta residency, I played guitar on a few tracks, some electric bass, some voice and metalic interjections.

Available from

Charles Hayward – Anonymous Bash (Vinyl, UK, 2014) For Sale | Discogs

in limited edition Vinyl with download code.

I always love to play with powerful drummers and Charles Hayward is certainly one of those. Charles attracted a diverse gaggle of musicians to engage in his strange process of guiding/misguiding us through improvisations into recordings - which were edited, juxtaposed and finally printed on this nice heavy vinyl. More special for me as this was the first time I actually played with both brothers (Chris and Sam) at the same time…. to be continued….

Delia Darlings in Oxford 9 oct ’14

Generation Air – Spacecadets Air design

spacecadets air design

spacecadets air design

Happy to have finished/installed sounds for Jamima Latimer’s installation – Generation Air at Durham DLI gallery.

Here’s a suggestion of the sounds you would hear.

Some of these are triggered by motion sensors so if you move a lot or there are lots of visitors you will hear a noisier soundscape. A lot of the time it’s fairly quiet. Sit or lie still on the big cushions and you can simply regress to the womb.

Installation goes to Ashton-under-Lyne Art Gallery, Berwick Visual Arts and Towneley Hal in Burnley later in the year.


This seems to follow really nicely from the Body stories installation which focussed on skin and bone; this one goes even more internal.

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great gig at Islington Mill last friday

rehearsals/improvisations with Charles Hayward, Sam Weaver, Chris Weaver and Daniel Weaver.

rehearsals/improvisations with Charles Hayward, Sam Weaver, Chris Weaver and Daniel Weaver.

Really enjoyed playing at Islington Mill on the friday of Fatout fest, with Charles Hayward. Charles lead local musicians in an inspiring week of collaborations and improvisation, leading to a storming gig. Ranging from nervy No wave/free rock to clouds of ghosts, the week was filled with great moments, healthy clashes and surprising invention. Plus an opportunity to play with 2 of my brothers – Chris and Sam.

Sounds from the other City – live soundtrack

Sounds from the other city festival on the  Salford Manchester border

Videojam – live score to a Joe Whitmore animation.

Sunday 4th May 5.30pm Bexley Square, Chapel St.  by the New Oxford pub – part of an afternoon of live music to film.


Sunday 13th July 2014 Solo gig in Hebden bridge

supporting  Kawabata Makoto  of Acid Mothers Temple

Sunday 13th July at Hebden Bridge Masonic Hall

more details to follow.

short video exerpt “Complex Futures” live at Burgess Foundation

A short clip from John Richards, kindly uploaded to Facebook from the first gig of our tour and attracting highbrow comments already. It’s striking to me how the intro in isolation gives little indication of where the piece ends up, so I hope you’ll enjoy it live sometime soon. I will be recording this piece with the help of Sam Weaver at Islington Mill soon. Let me know what you thought/think…


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DD day manchester full house

A really great reception in Manchester on Saturday, hope to get good crowds in Hebden, London and Bristol.

Nice photos from

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Nice trailer for Delia Darlings tour

by Andrea Pazos

Delia Derbyshire day announcement fanfare

Yes, the next Delia Derbyshire day and short tour, celebrating the work of the electronic music pioneer and keeping the enquiry alive.

April 12th Anthony Burgess foundation, Manchester.

April 17th Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

April 19th Horse Hospital London.

April 26th Bristol Cube.

To buy tickets now before they sell out go to Skiddle (£1 fee):

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